Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela: Dreams of Hope Writing Competition

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The 3rd Grade Geckos at CIPLC took their spin at their Hopes and Dreams for the Future!

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  1. S_Moooo (USA) on said:

    Bien cocido!! (I hope I translated that correctly!) What great work from a wonderful group of writers, and I am blown away by your English!! I am very impressed by the dreams focused on saving the planet, oceans, forests, and animals through recycling, better use of water, cleaning up after oneself, and respecting the beauty of nature. I am touched by the messages of kindness, friendship, helping the poor, sharing, being kind to all, and having a positive point of view. I love that so many of you have dreams of becoming soccer players (I played soccer through high school…woo hoo!), and that we have a future dance teacher, great bike rider, talented chef, wonderful student, and even a president in your class. Finally, I am very entertained by the stories of the diamond in the temple of the future, the magic hole that only grants unselfish wishes, the missing cake, and a flying Ferrari! I also hope to see the crew who comes to Miami to see One Direction.

    I am so excited about this competition as I have the opportunity to read everyone’s wonderful entries! You all have GREAT dreams and were so kind to share your fantastic writing!

    S. Moo, Author of The Fassa Tails
    Chicago, IL USA

  2. Geckos, this is a simply stunning collection of work – I couldn’t stop reading it! Please publish more!
    Charlie Carroll, Author

  3. mrblower on said:

    What a great collection of work from some very talented writers. It is fantastic that another new country is sharing writing with the world through the LendMeYourLiteracy site. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  4. MissJGM (United Arab Emirates) on said:

    Congratulations Year 3 Geckos from Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz! What a fantastic range of work about your Hopes and Dreams. I loved that each piece was so different – from Ferraris to bikes to journeys to the North Pole! I was hooked. I will enjoy sharing these with my students tomorrow. We are 2P from Deira International School – maybe you could check out our entry too?

  5. trin1023 (United Kingdom) on said:

    Wow – fantastic work and all the way from Venezuela! Loved reading about all your hopes and dreams. Well done on your excellent writing!