Dreams and Hopes entries from Team Class 4, Mobberley Primary School, Mobberley, near Knutsford.

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These entries come from Team Class 4, Mobberley Primary School, Mobberley, near Knutsford.
The children enjoyed having free choice over how to create their piece!

AMy's hopes and dreams shape poem

Pdf documents

will hopes and dreams

Lewis Norbury hopes and dreams

neves news

Word documents

Alastair Johnston hopes and dreams

Alex Grassby hopes and dreams

amy Norbury hopes and dreams story

annie’s dream

BBC NEWS AT TEN Elsa Jackson

Daniel Thompson

Elena’s dreams

Elly Leigh

Emily Ancell Hopes and dreams

George’s Hopes and dreams


I made the impossible possible Maisie Purcell

Izzy’s song

Jessica’s dreams song

Liberty Yates hopes and dreams

Millie Wright hopes and dreams

my dream of becoming a dancer Isabella Groves

Nicolas’ hopes and dreams

Rory O’Connor Hopes and dreams

The power of dreams Bea Moore

Violet Davies Dreams

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  1. on said:

    Amazing. I love the way you presented it in a style of a face…. Well done class 4!! :)

  2. Kimbo (United Kingdom) on said:

    This is amazing! I loved it

  3. MrsAbbott (United Kingdom) on said:

    These are absolutely amazing! I will definitely be sharing these with my year 6’s. I love the individuality of each piece, Team Class 4 you should be very proud!

  4. mrcotter (United Kingdom) on said:

    So so creative. Will be sharing with my year 5s.

  5. S_Moooo (USA) on said:

    Team Class 4 – These are amazing entries! All so different and full of wonderful dreams. We have songs, poems, newspaper articles, information about the BBC and the Queen, a magical dream pool, and a great piece written from the word “Friendship!” I am happy to see that we have a future vet, astronaut, secret spy, beautiful dancers, Olympians, horse owners and trainers, fantastic gymnasts, a teacher, a scientist, college graduates, a comedian, a World Cup Winner, famous author, BBC guests, and a Lego master who can build the Death Star in 60 seconds. What an amazing crew! I really like your messages of determination, encouragement, friendship, support, goal-setting, and believing in yourselves. Finally, I am so pleased to see how much you all believe in the importance of dreaming, practicing, being brave enough to take risks and not let fear control you, not giving up, being optimistic, knowing that all people matter, having faith and hope, letting life’s journey be full of happiness, letting the impossible be possible, AND treating YOURSELVES with kindness! Awesome!

    I am so excited about this competition as I have the opportunity to read everyone’s wonderful entries! Thank you all for sharing your creative writing and fabulous dreams!

    S. Moo, Author of The Fassa Tails
    Chicago, IL USA

  6. Carrica01 (United Kingdom) on said:

    Will, I certainly will remember the name because I think you may be someone to watch out for in the future. I really enjoyed reading your report and laughed at your joke. Well done and keep writing. Ali C

  7. Carrica01 (United Kingdom) on said:

    Amy, this is amazing! I love the way you have represented your dreams in the face, showing everyone what your ambitions and hopes are. I agree that negative people think what they want but you should follow your dreams and not le them distract you. A wonderful piece of writing. Well done. Ali C

  8. MissJGM (United Arab Emirates) on said:

    I really enjoyed how different all your entries are Class 4! I’m inspired by your hopes and dreams and will enjoy sharing your work with my students!
    Jenny, Dubai, UAE

  9. Amy, what a positive and inspirational piece of writing. Everything about it shows your determination and ambition. Excellent!