Play script Grace O’Malley by Osaf from Dubai!

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Osaf has written a great play script based on the Irish pirate story of Grace O’Malley. He has started with a great introductory paragraph and has used all the correct punctuation. Well done Osaf!

Osaf 1

Osaf 2

Osaf 3

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  1. speedy1 (UAE) on said:

    What a great play scipt! I liked the continuty in the storyline. WOW!
    the more you write the better you will get.

  2. rakan (United Arab Emirates) on said:

    this is perfect work.your a magnificent author

  3. Osaf – writing a play involves such a combination of skills and your work seems to have captured them all. There is a good pace to your writing; which moves the storyline on and if I were an actress, the detail you have added would tell me exactly how I am meant to say my lines.
    Well done :-)

    I also agree with Mr. Blower – good example of Assessment for Learning making a real difference.

  4. moalhuraiz (uae) on said:

    nice playscript i just want to read it again and again and your handwriting is amazing

  5. Lori (UAE) on said:

    Brilliant little story, I found the sequence of events very funny! It would be great if you write and post the next piece of writing in pen rather then pencil as it reads clearer. Excellent awareness of what you did well and what you could improve on. Kept writing and sharing! Lori, Romania

  6. mrblower on said:

    This is a brilliant example of assessment for learning being used effectively to really raise standards.

    A great piece of writing Osaf which you should be really proud of.

    Mr Blower
    Deputy Headteacher

  7. MrLiteracy (United Kingdom) on said:

    Awesome work, Osaf! You have obviously worked really hard and critiqued your own work well. This is the sign of a great writer – congratulations!

  8. groveroad on said:

    This really is an excellent playscript! You have followed the success criteria really well and your ideas are fantastic! Congratulations upon being a published author!