Pool Hayes Primary, West Midlands – Monster Stories!

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SK wrote a story of her own after we read one in class. Independent writing.



Alex wrote a monster story of his own after we read one in class. He is doing so well with his formation and content. Independent writing.



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  1. SK and Alex, these were absolutely wonderful – although I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight …
    Charlie Carroll, Author

  2. Fabulous writing, your teachers and parents will be very pleased. I like bouncing on trampolines, but have never won a trophy for dancing! (Perhaps I should try a monster dance) Great drawings of your monsters, well done SK and Alex :)

  3. Val (United Kingdom) on said:

    Gosh, these are very scary monsters and very exciting stories! I’m not surprised that Alex’s monster won a trophy for his dancing; he looks like the type of monster who enjoys a good party!

    SK knows just how stories begin – whenever you hear “once upon a time” you always want to know more.

    I really hope the teacher wasn’t scared when they saw all these monsters!