Rashid School for Boys, Dubai – Inequality after the Olympics

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An adventure story, written as a an assessment after studying the Ancient Greeks. Juma’s passion and enthusiasm for the topic jumps right off the page. A fabulous effort from an ESL learner. Juma Buamim – Rashid School for Boys, Dubai, 6G.



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  1. MissJGM (United Arab Emirates) on said:

    Mabrouk, Juma! Great to see some work from Rashid School for Boys on LMYL. Your writing will reach a massive audience now! I really liked the way you built speech into your work and there is some fantastic descriptive language there too. Great effort!

  2. Well done Juma! This is very entertaining. Thank you for sharing! I imagine your teachers are very proud!

  3. What a sensational piece of writing! Well done, Rashid – I absolutely loved it!
    Charlie Carroll, Author

  4. trin1023 (United Kingdom) on said:

    Well done Juma, what an interesting and thoughtful piece of writing. I hope you will share more in future!!