Rivers Primary Academy – A Giant’s Necklace – descriptive writing

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Children have been reading the “Giants Necklace” in literacy as well as looking at ways they can add description to our writing. The children were set the task of retelling the story of the “Giants Necklace” so far in their own words included the ways that we have looked at adding description. This is a child who struggles with confidence and he pulled something truly magnificent out of the bag.

A fantastic first submission from Rivers Primary Academy!


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  1. IBurton (United Kingdom) on said:

    Amazing description throughout really helped me to picture what is happening. I particularly liked the opening ‘As the wind viciously blew the window open…..’ very powerful. A piece of writing to be really proud of, well done!

  2. MrLiteracy (United Kingdom) on said:

    This is great! Very technically accomplished piece of writing – congratulations!

  3. MrsAbbott (United Kingdom) on said:

    What a fab piece of writing! I love your use of adverbs and adjectives to give your reader a clear image of the characters and setting- well done!

    • ferntink23 (United Kingdom) on said:

      Hi thank you for your feedback mrs Abbott. I’m glad you liked my writing.