Swanage Primary School, Dorset – Diary of a Blue Umbrella, by Lauren

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Lauren wrote this in response to Pixar’s animation. She has created such an emotive diary and really captured the heart of the film. Wonderful work from Swanage Primary School in Dorset!

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant, Lauren! Your use of short sentences for effect, carefully-chosen openers and rhetorical questions all combine to make for a thoroughly engaging piece of writing. More please!
    Charlie Carroll, Author

  2. daviesjonny (United Kingdom) on said:

    I agree with your teacher: this is an extremely emotive piece! Your descriptions are so vivid and they bring the diary to life! Congratulations!

  3. IBurton (United Kingdom) on said:

    Wow an impressive piece of writing Lauren, you have used lots of powerful description to really create an impact. I particularly liked the idea of the wind springing into action….

  4. A very emotive piece, beautifully written. You should be very proud of this, Lauren. Congratulations on becoming a published author!