Woodlouse, by Iris

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Year 2 have just started work on poetry, and Miss Hickman really enjoyed Iris’ beautiful choices of vocabulary and detailed description! Brilliant writing from our year 2s – welll done!

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  1. harrisjj (United Kingdom) on said:

    Sorry I’m a few months late Iris! I came especially to find this poem because someone told me it was amazing. They were right, it is really impressive. Well done and thank you for the lovely turn of phrase, “speedy little feet”. It fits the woodlouse perfectly.

  2. CarolineM (United Kingdom) on said:

    Wow Iris! I love your poem. Your rhymes make good sense and it even has a rhythm. I also thought you used from great words like “segmented” and “silently scurries.”
    Well done!

  3. I love the pace of this poem. I read it aloud and could feel the small woodlouse moving quickly but remaining vulnerable. The final stanza, with the plea for tolerance, is super, as is the alliteration of ‘peace & plant pot’, which ends the poem very well. I’ll certainly leave the woodlouse alone next time I see one.

  4. Lyn (United Kingdom) on said:

    Brilliant poem!!! Well done.

  5. on said:

    A brilliant poem Iris. I’m impressed by ‘its colour is grey, hard and tough’ this uses the power of 3. Well done!! :)

  6. SPecheur (United Kingdom) on said:

    A fabulous poem Iris. I’m not keen on woodlice but your poem makes them sound quite pleasant. I’ll definitely be taking your advice at the end though. Keep up the fantastic writing.

  7. Uma (United Kingdom) on said:

    I can’t believe that you’re only year 2. This poem was amazing!

  8. Are you really in Year 2?? Very. very impressive poem, I love it. I didn’t know that woodlice don’t like the heat, so was interested to find out some new information too. Well done, you should be very proud of yourself!

    Joshua Seigal (poet)

  9. Is Iris really only in Year 2? That seems remarkably unfair – I wish I could have written poetry like this when I was that age! (Actually, I quite wish I could write poetry like this now.) Well done, Iris!
    Charlie Carroll, Author

  10. CatShim (United Kingdom) on said:

    Aww this is nice it made me smile – well done Iris!

  11. AnnaLMYL (United Kingdom) on said:

    What a super poem Iris, I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you write more! :-)