Year 2 non-chronological report – Life in France!

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Bonjour! The talent at Great Coates just keeps on flowing; this time from Year 2! After an exciting week learning all about life in France, Kiah has written this fantastic non-chronological report. She remembered to use all of the features discussed in class including a title, subheading and present tense. A display of remarkably in-depth knowledge about French life, combined with beautiful presentation! Well done Kiah!

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  1. Kahloclass (UK) on said:

    My year 2 class was really impressed with your report writing, Kiah! This week we have also been writing non-chronological reports (although we have been writing ours about the Polar Regions as it has been so cold recently!) You have laid your report out very well, remembering your heading and sub-headings. You have also filled your report to almost bursting with a range of connectives and different openers for your sentences.
    Well done!
    Miss James

  2. russabbott83 (England) on said:

    Well done Kiah! I am very impressed and proud of your writing skills!
    Keep up the good work!

    You are my little genius!

    Lots of Love


  3. trin1023 (United Kingdom) on said:

    Congratulations Kiah on having your work published on LendMeYourLiteracy. This is an excellent report with lots of very useful facts about France. I like the way to is laid out with subheadings, and you should be very proud that another school used your work as an example for their French day. Well done! Jon, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  4. on said:

    Fantastic. You told me lots of interesting facts in your writing. I like they way you used sub-headings too. Keep up the good writing.

  5. LucyJoyce (West Yorkshire) on said:

    Fantastic writing Kiah! My class and I used it today during our French day – It was a very useful starting point for the year 5 and 6 children. Keep up your excellent writing!

    Mrs Joyce
    Pudsey Primrose Hill

  6. groveroad on said:

    Year 2?!! Wow! This is so impressive and extremely well organised. Kiah, I have learnt so much about France just by reading all of the information that you have presented. You use connectives very well and have learnt about commas in lists, which is fabulous! Congratulations and thank you for sharing!